by Lord Loud

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Héctor Hurtado Grooscors
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Héctor Hurtado Grooscors Garage/doom with some grunge elements? So it seems. Give it a try, you will not regret!
Bobby B
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Bobby B Solid EP, not a weak track to be found here. Would love to see this band live, European tour anyone? Favorite track: Living Mystery.
Xaero thumbnail
Xaero Innerspace is a catchy balls out, no-nonsense opener with just a taste of the truly luscious frills to come. The first rule is to never blow your load with the first track of an album, and believe you me, it only gets better from here. If you're wondering how, take 20 minutes and be amazed. Favorite track: Innerspace.
Steve Rodger
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Steve Rodger Cool mix of doomy garage and psych, the only thing missing here was not having the cover feature the bands name in purple and black ......... Favorite track: No Regard.
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released March 5, 2015

All songs written and performed by Chris Allison and Michael Feld.

Produced and mastered by Geoff Halliday.



all rights reserved


Lord Loud Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: Innerspace
Are these thoughts that I hear?
Voices far coming near
They whisper gently
Approaching intently
Though the words are unclear

Journey into innerspace
I must know what they say
Why're we built this way?
I cried a plea
To answer me
Their words were faint
Journey into innerspace
Track Name: Searching for the Thief
well the thief's hand's tired
and his words are sore
from what transpired
the night before

He's tired, aching
Red on his knees
Her body's shaking
but she says with ease

(she say) hey hey
take what you please
but give your smiles to me

she's walkin walkin walkin
on a real loose log
with rocks to catch her
if she falls

the words come easy
with tight closed eyes
they turn off all the lights

she's looking for something
something to believe
but she's always
searching for the thief
Track Name: Tune In
well you're seventeen
do you know what they mean
when they say
tune in

now you're 42
the words stuck with you
though you don't
know what they mean

the walls are closing in
as time stretches thin
you don't know what to do
tune in

then you're sixty four
not thirsty anymore
lost what you didn't
know you had


tune in
Track Name: No Regard
A pond of leeches in my backyard
I try to pay them
No regard
No regard

The grass grows tall from lack of concern
The dead leaves pile
Seasons turn
No regard

It's not their fault they can't see
When we're together
I start to bleed
No regard
Track Name: Living Mystery
I've been to Israel
I've seen the Dead Sea
And in the Negev a snake bit me
It was enough to make me question my god
Forgot the seder and slept through shabbat

It was November and the snow just fell
My first trip sent me directly to hell
My world was broken and shattered like glass
Relived the future and died in the past
Where I'm a...

Stoned ape
It's time to create
Stoned ape
Oh god I feel great

Deep in the Redwoods we spoke again
Ego death with two close friends
We met the source and touched the light
Listened to Terrance and fought the good fight
And we are...

Stoned Apes
It's time to create
Stoned Apes
Oh god I feel great

Ride, ride double helix ride
There's nowhere for you to hide
Ride, ride double helix ride
Look towards your inside
Ride, ride double helix ride
There's nowhere for you to hide
Ride, ride double helix ride
Look through your third eye

Stoned ape
It's time to create
Stoned ape
Oh god I feel great
Track Name: Silent Spoken
Climbing up the spiral stair
I entered a room that wasn’t there
And behind unlocked doors
Rested a ceiling with no floor
From the darkness I softly heard
The very loudest silent word

A voice told me to take a seat
Where I could not place my feet
Close my eyes and behold
Stepped across the threshold
Facing forward and not behind
Without vision I was not blind

There’s no light
There’s no key
There’s walls

There’s no light
There’s no key
There’s walls